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“Face Fitness” By Roslyn Smith


Happy, happy new year! With the new year comes our resolutions, hopes and desires. Some of the most common resolutions are definetly getting in shape, toning up our muscles and losing weight. But we seldom remember to tone and shape up our facial and neck muscles. So how about we add face fitness to our many resolutions this year. We have 43 facial muscles that often forgotten about, but exercising them will help define your jawbone, enhance cheekbones, and get rid of excess fat in the face. Microcurrent and face yoga are a couple methods that may help with muscle toning, and skin tightening to lift and firm up the skin.

Face yoga was designed with specific poses for the face, targeting the jawline, forehead, mouth, and eyes. For best results, you should do it every day for at least 5 to 6 days out of the week.

Face yoga poses: “Free Your Tongue”, “Temple Dancer Eyes” “Smiling Fish Face” “Lion Face Part I” Lion Face Part II” “Surprise Me!” “Satchmo”” Marilyn” “Baby Bird” “Budda Face”. Now I know you may be thinking this sounds silly, and I thought the same until I tried them. I really did feel and see a difference in a short period of time, as do many people. All I can say is try them out for yourself.

My all-time favorite method is microcurrent, also known as a non-invasive facelift. A microcurrent machine omits a very low level of electricity that you usually do not feel, it is actually quite relaxing for many. It mirrors our body’s natural current and when used it causes a chemical reaction at the cellular level, rebuilding elastin and collagen. Microcurrent has the capability to re-educate the muscles helping to restore their strength and natural position. For many years, microcurrent has been the secret weapon for so many out there in Hollywood. It is definetly a must try, see for yourself kind of treatment. The results are instant and if you dedicate to a series of treatments you may obtain permanent results. The ideal treatment program is twice a week for 5 to 6 weeks, then only once every month. The maintenance treatment can easily be combined with your monthly facial.

So, before you decide to get an invasive treatment to rejuvenate your skin, look into trying out natural methods first. Face Fitness is here to stay.

Until next time. Take care of you!

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