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A state of the art technology, microcurrent is the perfect solution for the person who is concerned about the aged appearance of their face, but would like to avoid surgery of invasive procedures. Microcurrent achieves a healthier, younger, toned and refreshed appearance. In conjunction with specialized products and manipulations of more than 30 muscles, a Microcurrent treatment stimulates your body's natural currents resulting in visible firming of muscles and smoothing of the skin.

A microcurrent facelift delivers a variety of benefits to those who wish to attain a healthier and younger looking appearance. A microcurrent facelift can be performed to achieve the following benefits:


 *  Lift jowls and eyebrows

 *  Reduce and eliminate fine lines & wrinkles

 *  Improve facial circulation

 *  Skin exfoliation

 *  Lymphatic drainage

 *  Sun damage treatment

 *  Skin pigment improvement

 *  Improves muscle tone in the face & neck

 *  Product penetration and much more… 

A course of 12 treatments generally achieves desired results; however, the exact number of sessions is specific to each client. Monthly follow-up sessions are recommended to maintain results.




Is Microcurrent safe?

Yes - The treatments are non-invasive and completely safe. 

Does it hurt?

No - A mild tingling may be felt. Most clients find the procedure relaxing.

How long is a session?

Approximately one hour.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the individual and will be determined during your initial consultation, but  generally a course of 12 sessions is recommended. Two sessions are scheduled per week, although some clients start with three sessions a week for the first two weeks.

Will the results last?

A booster session every four weeks is required to maintain results. This can be worked into your relaxing monthly facial.

Can I combine this with other cosmetic procedures?

Yes - Micro-current will compliment other cosmetic procedures and enhance their result

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