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COVID-19 Statement & Guidelines

Masks Required

Skin N Body by Roslyn Smith is committed to the health and wellness of its valued guests. I will be reopening slowly and carefully to ensure the safety of all. I have advanced training and certification for Covid- 19 hygiene and sanitation standards and protocols. Therefore, I have enhanced my already stringent sanitation standards and have implemented a comprehensive safety protocol so that I may provide you with the level of care you deserve. I will continue to monitor the current Coronavirus situation carefully and act in accordance with the guidelines of the CDC and our local governing boards. The safety of my guests is my first priority.  As a result of the current environment, you will see that I have implemented the following additional precautionary measures:


  • All Guests Must Wear a Mask When Entering/Leaving Skin N Body.

 Masks will also need to be worn throughout all of the services (during facials, guests may remove their mask inside treatment room and put back on again upon leaving room).

  • I will wear face masks at all times and other PPE as necessary.

  • Children are not permitted in the center (due to safety considerations and limited space)

  • By appointment only. No Walk-Ins.

  • Group appointments are not available. Likewise, kindly refrain from bringing friends or family members who do not have scheduled appointments. Only one person at a time allowed inside.

  • I ask that guests sanitize their hands and allow a touchless thermal forehead wellness check upon entering.

  • I ask you to refrain from booking if you or anyone you have been in contact with feels unwell, has a fever, COVID-19 symptoms or other communicable illness. Likewise, I will allow guests who are unable to make their appointment due to illness to cancel with advance notice without any worries. Please do not come if you do not feel well.

  • Additional time will be scheduled between each guest/service in order to allow extra time for sanitation and disinfecting all treatment spaces using hospital grade EPA approved products including all surfaces, furnishings, equipment, product containers, door handles and more.

  • I have added hospital grade filters, Uvc air purification system, and Uvc lights throughout the center for extra protection.


  • Appointment times will be staggered and I will reduce the daily number of treatments provided in order to limit the amount of guests inside at any given time

  • The option to prepay remotely for your appointment from your home computer, cell phone or device is available through online booking

  • As always, hand sanitizer will be readily available all throughout for your use.

  • As always, all guests will be provided with clean sanitized linens, towels, etc.

  • As always, a deep cleaning and sanitation of Skin N Body is done each day.

  • Air purifiers will be placed in all treatment rooms. These air purifiers utilize a Medical Grade Multi-Stage Air Cleaning to remove 99.91% of microscopic particles as small as 0.1 microns in size (Covid-19 measures 0.125 microns) and 99.985% of all other microscopic particles, using True HEPA H13 ultra filters and carbon micro-filtration and a UVC light. Please note that these purifiers emit a low “white noise” sound that you may hear during your treatment.

If there is anything else I can do to help protect your safety please feel free to share your thoughts with me. I want everyone to be as safe and healthy as possible during this “new normal.” Please let me know if you have any special sanitation requests when scheduling your appointment and prior to arrival.

It is my goal to support the overall health and wellness of everyone associated with Skin N Body. I also want to be a responsible community member and ensure the transition back to “normal” lasts. Therefore, I ask that when you visit here that you join in the mission to provide the safest experience possible by adhering to my protocols. Together we will make a positive difference and ensure the safety of everyone who enjoys the services offered at Skin N Body.
To reserve your appointment time, please call us at 832-552-6510 or Book Online. I look forward to seeing you and appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through this new era. 

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